Qeskyl: ancient Gnoll kingdom

QESKYL is one of several small, short-lived gnoll realms to briefly flourish in the wet, fecund (lower slopes thickly girt in jungle vegetation) Gnollwatch Mountains north of Dambrath. Notable because its king, Qeskyt (KES-kitt), made an alliance with a drow “queen” (it may have been a self-bestowed title not known in the Underdark, but assumed … Read more

Thundenstone: Gnome Underdark outpost

Thundenstone, a holy place of the gnomes (a cavern strong with natural radiations, used by gnomes to charge magic items in a manner very similar to the Earth Nodes detailed in the 3e Underdark sourcebook), where about forty gnomes dwelt, keeping very quiet so as not to be noticed by other Underdark denizens. This policy … Read more

Coins of Neverwinter

Neverwinter hasn’t minted all that often, thanks to using the coins of everywhere else (Waterdeep in particular) in trade. It uses and honors the usual copper, silver, electrum, gold, platinum progression with the usual values, but its own coins have changed in shape and size over the years. Current specific Neverwintan mintings: Copper piece (keystone … Read more

The Bellows of Milil

@TheEdVerse I was wondering if you could share any information regarding the Bellows of Milil? I know that it’s an unusually powerful pipe organ held in Arbalest’s House, in Athkatla. But knowing that Milil himself stayed there, I’d be surprised if it wasn’t slightly magical… @LeCraftator The Bellows of Milil is actually part of Arbalest’s … Read more

15th Century Waterdhavian Nobles

I have a much shorter list of the young rapscallions and poseurs who’re giving the Deep trouble circa 1497-99 DR. Here we go: DEPLOYABLE YOUNG NOBLES OF THE DEEP IN THE 1490S DR: These are all young players’ among the nobles; restless “doers” who habitually step outside their family compounds and the ranks of fellow … Read more

Blue Alley in Waterdeep

Why does Waterdeep tolerate Blue Alley over 150 years after its creation? Has the City made it safer/ harder to find (as not to needlessly harm kids and commoners)? @benmorrier The Blue Alley survives because the Watchful Order convinced Open Lord Piergeiron of its usefulness, for reasons the Open Lords since then agree with. These … Read more

Citadel of the Bloody Hand

(On the Citadel of the Bloody Hand) I’m a pretty frustrated to be honest. I’ve been waiting for EVER to have the area above the falling stairs mapped out and see how it connects to the castle  @JasonDGraham_ Here’s a quick tease: think of an old-fashioned D&D geomorph map (filling every bit of a graph … Read more

Dragonward of Waterdeep

(the original question included a screencap of text about Jalanvaloss) hi! How does somethig like this coexist with the Dragonward over Waterdeep? This dragon was touched by the staff? @newbiedm The Dragonward (like most powerful wards/fields/guards) is a localized persistent alteration in the Weave (whereas the area of effect of a spell going off is … Read more

Waterdeep City Watch

How would a character go about joining the Waterdeep City Watch? How about the City Guard? Question from the DH FB group. Thanks. @benmorrier There are many different “roads in,” but showing up and expressing interest is the long one, involving training and covert honesty tests during off-duty time. The Guard takes trainee recruits who … Read more

Wildlife in Waterdeep

Is there any interesting wildlife that makes its home in waterdeep? something a druid or ranger might like to befriend (animal messenger/beastmaster companion/speak with animals) @enjidee Like any temperate Sword Coast ocean port, Waterdeep has its share of gulls and rockdoves (pigeons), but except in the outermost harbor, they’re surprisingly scarce, due to the following … Read more

Gnomes in Cormyr

Greetings, Magister! Could I bother you with some Realmslore question? Starting a game set in Cormyr, post ToD, and would like to play a Gnome Wiz or Sor. Are there Gnomes in Cormyr? If so, where would one find them and how are they seen by the Cormyreans? Many thanks @Lodewijk_Boute There are many in … Read more

Riddles for a great green Dragon

The key thing about Old Gnawbone is that she loves the company of humans; the bustle of city life, the energy, the strivings, the intrigues. She likes befriending them, establishing alliances and ties, using her human gang to manipulate events and make money (that she doesn’t really care about; she has more wealth than she’ll … Read more

Fashion in Cormyr

Cormyr, especially Waymoot & Suzail, but throughout that realm & its Dales neighbours what might be some fads/fashions among the younger human & demihuman denizens pre-time of troubles?I mean if it were Waterdeep I could assume things like the wealthy kids @jayeedgecliff I LOVE these sort of Realmslore questions. So, here are the fads and … Read more

Weather in Thay

Hey @TheEdVerse, just a quick question, as I’ve been struggling with sources in finding an answer to whether the nation of Thay is supposed to be a cold or hot country? It has, or used to have a nearby glazier, but also volcanoes and deserts. @Madhatterhim Thay has always been a volcanic country, which up … Read more