Qeskyl: ancient Gnoll kingdom

QESKYL is one of several small, short-lived gnoll realms to briefly flourish in the wet, fecund (lower slopes thickly girt in jungle vegetation) Gnollwatch Mountains north of Dambrath. Notable because its king, Qeskyt (KES-kitt), made an alliance with a drow “queen” (it may have been a self-bestowed title not known in the Underdark, but assumed only to cow Qeskyt) under Dambrath, Lahrdezm, in 1211 DR, and acted as her police, dirty-tricks strike force, and food-gatherers in the world above (she wanted all manner of green-growing jungle vines, broadleaf plants, and flowers for the tables of “her people,” and in return was happy to supply the gnolls with metal tools and weapons.

Qeskyl was shattered as a kingdom in 1227 DR by determined forays of Dambrathan warbands, though scattered gnolls lingered in the Gnollwatch range, particularly at the eastern end of its north face, and a few are still to be found there now.

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