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(the original question included a screencap of text about Jalanvaloss)

hi! How does somethig like this coexist with the Dragonward over Waterdeep? This dragon was touched by the staff?


The Dragonward (like most powerful wards/fields/guards) is a localized persistent alteration in the Weave (whereas the area of effect of a spell going off is a short-term one). Given time to study the Weave, for those who have the Art (talent to sense, understand, and wield magic) and inclination to do so, any being with sufficient smarts, power, and opportunity for self-alteration (and bear in mind that experimentations in this regard are perilous!) can “attune” themselves (modify their minds and bodies in the necessary ways) to enter a ward that would otherwise prohibit them, exist within it, and avoid some or all of its effects. Weavemasters (like El and Khelben and the Seven) can do this, Mystra’s touch and will, and artifacts like the Blackstaff can do it for anyone in contact with it, and several dragons have managed it, down the years (there are others mentioned in the Wyrms of the North series and other Realmslore; quite a few gold dragons and weredragons/song dragons have dwelt in Waterdeep or visited it for extended periods. Yet the Ward isn’t futile; a “flight of dragons” or strike force of attacking wyrms can hardly have the time to stop, examine, and experiment with self-alterations so as to overfly, dive into, or land in Waterdeep. Make sense?

How about other, smaller draconic creatures, such as dragonborn or kobolds? Are they affected by the Dragonward?


No, the dragonward is “set” to ward away large draconic life-force nodes. So it would work against a sorely-wounded, dying dragon of any size and age…but would “let in” a dracolich. (!)

Khelben cast supplementary spells, anchored to Blackstaff Tower, to ward off dracoliches and other large and powerful undead, but it remains to be seen if those spells survived his demise, or if they have started to fail since.

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