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Greetings, Magister! Could I bother you with some Realmslore question? Starting a game set in Cormyr, post ToD, and would like to play a Gnome Wiz or Sor. Are there Gnomes in Cormyr? If so, where would one find them and how are they seen by the Cormyreans? Many thanks


There are many in the three large cities, and a scattering in small centers. Cobblers, crafters, repairers (especially of plumbing and roofs). Well-respected locally, keep low profiles. They and halflings vie for the warehouse load-label-and-fetch jobs, too.

Very helpful! I will pick Suzail as “home” and probably go for a Rock Gnome Tinkerer. Thank you very much and my best wishes for 2019!


You’re very welcome! In Suzail, you can ALWAYS get work replacing roof slates and tiles, and repairing/making new casks (the hoops, especially) and crates (the metal corner reinforcements). On the tinkering side, wealthy citizens (nobles and wannabes) eagerly sponsor new “little” inventions like clockwork toasting forks and oven trowels (that thrust bread loaves, pies, and the like into and out of hot ovens), lights that pull-cord on when a stair tread is depressed by a foot, and so on. Your Rock Gnome could have a VERY profitable day job. ;}

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