The Bellows of Milil

@TheEdVerse I was wondering if you could share any information regarding the Bellows of Milil? I know that it’s an unusually powerful pipe organ held in Arbalest’s House, in Athkatla. But knowing that Milil himself stayed there, I’d be surprised if it wasn’t slightly magical… @LeCraftator The Bellows of Milil is actually part of Arbalest’s … Read more

At dawn it came

At dawn the first day out of the sun it came A mighty drake with sky-spanning wings aflame And pounced, our vast army to devour and tear Leaving the plain of tents of all but blood bare Then ere dawn the second day The dragon, sated, flew away

15th Century Waterdhavian Nobles

I have a much shorter list of the young rapscallions and poseurs who’re giving the Deep trouble circa 1497-99 DR. Here we go: DEPLOYABLE YOUNG NOBLES OF THE DEEP IN THE 1490S DR: These are all young players’ among the nobles; restless “doers” who habitually step outside their family compounds and the ranks of fellow … Read more