Elminster’s Candlekeep Companion

Elminster Aumar, Chosen of Mystra, invites you to explore the grandest repository of knowledge in the Forgotten Realms: Candlekeep, the Library Fortress! The Sage of Shadowdale has assembled this companion to help seekers of wisdom navigate the Castle of Tomes. Be warned! Elminster requests that you bring a suitable entrance gift, lest you be turned away at the front gates.

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What’s in the book?

This book is the definitive guide to Candlekeep and includes:

  • the first-ever comprehensive map of Candlekeep!
  • a history and overview of Candlekeep
  • new variant rules
  • 26 new magic items
  • 11 new creatures found in the library fortress
  • 4 our new D&D 5e subclass options
  • 34 new spells
  • stories involving the Castle of Tomes and the lore held within
  • also includes an adventure for use in Baldur’s Gate: Descent into Avernus, written by M.T. Black.
Map by Marco Bernardini

Book collaborators

Table top roleplaying books are labors of love and no books would be possible without the work of many fantastic creators.

  • Lead Designers: Justice Arman, Anthony Joyce
  • Designers: Trevor Armstrong, M.T. Black, Jeremy Forbing, Laura Hirsbrunner, and Ed Greenwood
  • Editor: Laura Hirsbrunner
  • Graphic Designer: Gordon McAlpin
  • Cover and Interior Art: Bob Greyvenstein
  • Cartography: Marco Bernardini
  • Creative Consultants: Teos Abadía, Enrique Bertran, M.T. Black, and Ed Greenwood

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