Twitter Lore

People ask questions of Ed all the time on Twitter (and you can too). Here we have compiled a list of Twitter lore revealed by the sage on a variety of topics.

  • The Bellows of Milil
    The Bellows of Milil is actually part of Arbalest’s House. That is, its swellbox, windchest, most of its pipes, its stops, and the three rooms with lifting and falling (pumping) floors that form its air reservoir and bellows are all built into the walls, floors, and ceilings of the (largely stone) temple. The entire building resonates … Read more
  • 15th Century Waterdhavian Nobles
    I have a much shorter list of the young rapscallions and poseurs who’re giving the Deep trouble circa 1497-99 DR. Here we go: DEPLOYABLE YOUNG NOBLES OF THE DEEP IN THE 1490S DR: These are all young players’ among the nobles; restless “doers” who habitually step outside their family compounds and the ranks of fellow nobility … Read more