Amarune’s Almanac: Deserts of the Realms

Deserts of the Realms explores the vast wastelands of Toril. In our travels, we’ve found new and old flora, fauna, and history to bring to you about the sand oceans of the Realms. Deserts of the Realms does this through both narrative prose, written from the perspective of Amarune Whitewave (the great, great granddaughter of Elminster Aumar), and through occasional notes from her husband, editor, and traveling companion Arclath Delcastle.

“To most ‘everyday folk’ of the Realms, deserts are places to stay well away from. Dangerous, uncomfortable even when you make only brief, timid forays in from the verges, and offering little good reason to go there. And beings who do dwell in a desert are hardened to survive there, and usually don’t appreciate intruding competitors—and treat them accordingly.”

Ed Greenwood

What’s in the book?

Content and a foreword written by the creator of Forgotten Realms, Ed Greenwood, himself along with:

Faerûn Desert Locations
  • Anauroch Desert
  • Calim Desert
  • Elfharrow Desert
  • Plains of Purple Dust
  • Quoya Desert

Updated for 5th Edition, this book contains a two-page map of Faerûn covering the Sword Coast all the way to the Plains of Purple Dust

Fearûn Desert Flora & Fauna
  • 16 monsters: new creatures for Wild Shaping, mounts, and companions!
  • 20 flora: the hearty and resilient plants of the deserts. Roots, tubers, and stubborn plants that you can collect and use to create all manner of items, as well as improve some spells.
New D&D 5e Subclasses, Rules, Spells & Magic Items
  • 2 new subclasses
    • Circle of the Sands druid which seeks to expand on the land (desert) druid.
    • Tomb Raider Ranger, a conclave of Rangers who delve into the swallowed secrets of the sands.
  • Variant rules: expansions to the Druid and Ranger classes to allow them more access to the new spells contained within this book!
  • 10 spells: each using a new spellcasting component, Environment, as they each rely on the boons of the world around them.
    +1 bonus spell, druidic practice, which is the Druid version of the ceremony spell for Clerics.
  • 10 magic items: forged in stone and tempered under the weight of the world.
  • Downtime activities: A gathering expedition specifically designed to find and collect the flora described in this book.

Book Collaborators

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Amarune’s Almanac: Deserts of the Realms is the eight in a multipart series exploring the eight biomes of Dungeons & Dragons within the Forgotten Realms campaign setting.

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