Creatures from Fairy-Tale and Myth story book

Welcome to Creatures from Fairy-Tale and Myth, an in-depth volume devoted to the most iconic creatures that transcend cultures and time. This book sets out to analyze each creature in terms of attributes, vulnerabilities, habits and summarizes the timeless stories that include them as the hero’s adversary. You will also find a brand-new story involving these iconic creatures, sometimes told from the hero’s perspective, and sometimes recounted from the creature’s point of view. All of these entries are also beautifully rendered in brand new artwork that seeks to breathe new life into classic tales.

This lore book is RPG world and system agnostic, and presents memorable creatures that will captivate the audience. These beasts are not meant to be used for filler or random encounters. The creatures herein will aid the GM when creating “boss monsters” or adventures surrounding a certain type of legendary creature.

Book Collaborators

  • Andrew Valkauskas (creator of the Fate Of The Norns game, who wrote some of the monster abilities and some of the fiction)
  • James Kerr (who researched the real-world folklore for every creature)
  • Michelle Franklin (who wrote some of the for-each-creature fiction)
  • Ed Greenwood (I wrote some of the for-each-creature fiction)